4 Reasons Why You Should Apply For RBI Grade B

RBI is a top tier organization in India. RBI is a place where blueprints Indian economic policies get implemented. A high level professional job that requires work ethic and culture. An officer rank job is part of civic duty and honour. Although vacancies for RBI GRADE B 2021 isn't much in numbers but every candidate desires to seal the spot to fulfil his/her dreams. You should continue to check RBI GRADE B notification for recent updates. Let's not waste time and talk about 5 must reasons this could be your dream job.

4 Reasons Why You Should Apply For RBI Grade B

1. Systematically Correct Not Complex

Nature of the entire exam is very understandable and the pattern is easy to implement in your study schedule. Toughness level of this exam is considered moderate but if you really look at the exam pattern, moderate term is well justified. If you have been a student interested in general knowledge and reading then this will give you an edge. Phase one exam carries 200 questions which needs to be correctly answered in 2 hours of time. Categories for phase I: General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning. Categories for phase II: Economic and Social Issues, Finance & Management, and English Descriptive. RBI grade b apply online procedure is quite easy and only required eligibility proof and required documents.

2. Civic Duty And Honour

Every government service is a case of civic duty and honour, especially when duty is aligned to the central government. Being respected for the effort one puts in a job is the dream of every applicant. When it comes to RBI, this entity is guaranteed. When you go through such knowledge and wisdom gaining preparation, the morale builds up and everything comes to naturally to your attitude. The worth becomes motivated by the key factors that you gain during the exam preparation. Most applicants focus too much on study and leave the individual progression behind the book memorizing acts. Such candidates may qualify the written but fall out in interviews. Attitude matters and that's what leads to honour and dignity for civil duty you need. Be careful with your attitude, a positive mindset will give you respectable posts.

3. Benefits Of Salary

Every major post in the central government is a high earning post but when it comes to the RBI, you get more. The competition makes it secure and a high earning job. There are only 199 vacancies for 2021 RBI GRADE B exams.

Pay scale is RBI  35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-624000 B 2021. It also offers an increment growth of 1750 for 9 years. Hand in salary is 35,150 but when added to DA, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance, TA, Conveyance Allowance, etc, the gross annual income figure comes around 12 - 14 lacs per year. These benefits are enough to keep you interested because salary expectation is an integral part of every employment procedure. It helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle that indirectly eliminates the financial tension from your life. 

4. Perks Of Growing and Promotions

Individual growth and development is the leading force in our effort that we put in any job. Opportunities to travel to new places and learn new things. By all accounts, the role at RBI becomes more interesting and engaging. Strict measurements are taken when it comes to promotion but if you are worth it, you are on the right track to make most of your work and you will be praised and promoted. Promotional posts are given below.
  1.  Assistant Manager
  2. Manager
  3. Assistant General Manager
  4. Deputy General Manager
  5. General Manager
  6. Chief General Manager
  7. Principal Chief General Manager
  8. Executive Director
  9. Deputy Governor
  10. Governor

Other than promotion, it gives you opportunity to participate in international level banking conferences and submits like IMF, World Bank, economic forums. This all helps you grow as a professional and opens the door for new chances which you can capitalize for your own growth and the nation's name in leading countries. 

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